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Graphic Design+marketing


  • Conference Collateral
  • Explainer Videos
  • Keynote Presentation Slides


  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Market Researcher 
  • Video Editor


  • Web + Print Assets
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Aesthetic


Creating content that was easy to understand and also relevant to such a niche field was a balancing act that could rival P.T. Barnum.

abaqis was a SAAS solution for post-acute care providers and longterm living facilities battling to ensure quality of care for their residents. My job was to make convey the information as clearly and as credibly as possible.



We tried to create bite-sized content that was easy to understand but also useful. We recognized that administrators of these facilities were busy juggling many duties, so we wanted to let them know what we had to offer efficiently.

This is why we thought an explainer video would be a great solution. It was fast, entertaining, and got the information across.  

Web + Print Design

It doesn’t have to be sexy to be stunning.

Working at Providigm taught me that the product doesn’t necessarily have to be the coolest in order to make for a great project. Our SaaS, abaqis was a quality management software for longterm care and skilled nursing facilities. 

This didn’t always lead to the most edgy designs, but this didn’t stop me from trying to come up with good design. You will notice a few flyers designed for events and a convention setup. I was responsible for creating the designs for these as well as the demo booth display.


Final Takeaways

Don’t overcomplicate things.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain something that’s so close to home. Providigm created a solution to keep facilities within compliance set by the federal regulation. Now that’s a mouthful! How might we convey what our software did, and what we had to offer in a clear and concise manner? 

Some takeaways: 

+  creating content for complex products doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. To get the main point across, reduce your message to the true focus. While designing the demo booth, we decided to go with the copy, “abaqis says you’re serious about quality.” 

+ there are multiple stakeholders at hand and you should consider all of them while designing.  


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