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They say Patience is a virtue...

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Originally, I am from Kaneohe, Hawaii. I was born and raised on the islands but I’d always longed for something more. Ever since I was a child, the plan was to leave “the rock” behind to pursue life’s greatest adventures. At the ripe old age of 18, it was time for me to say “Aloha” (not in the hello kind-of-way) to Hawaii and “Aloha” (yes, now in the hello kind-of-way) to Colorado.

I attended Colorado Mesa University where I received a BA in Mass Communication and three different concentrations within the major. I took upon Public Relations/Advertising, New Media and Broadcast. Living on the mainland was a thrill, and there was no way I could leave anytime soon. During my college years, I delved deep into Student Life activities working as an event coordinator and Assistant to the Director of Student Life. My time at the university was filled with organizing events ranging from small coffee house shows to concerts headlining Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I loved the aspect of planning these amazing events all for the enjoyment of the students.

As a young professional, I work hard every day with the task at hand. Working with social media means planning ahead, calculating risk, and analyzing the numbers. It is a mix of art and fine science. To understand what an audience wants takes great skill and prediction.

Marketing Data Analytics

As a social media coordinator, I have to crunch numbers and analyze data on an hourly basis. Every piece of information whether it comes from Google Analytics, or Facebook is important.

Design Work

Design is a huge passion of mine. I love watching the current trends and picking out what looks best. Each time I put my work out there, I feel as if I’ve given something a makeover!


Writing has always been a part of my life. Today, I infuse copywriting into marketing and public relations. I enjoy writing – it is a timeless medium that can convey every message appropriately.


Curation is such a neat process. I use it in my day to day storytelling methods and it gets information out to the masses in an entertaining manner. I think of it as collecting little gems and then assorting them in a manner that is presentable!

Recent Blog Posts

Here are some of my random thoughts collected in blog form.

Confessions of a Coffee Addict

“] Say it isn’t so! It’s 2 p.m. on a Saturday without the usual morning commute coffee. The dull thud of a headache lulls into my cortex and I am in full denial that this is a sign of caffeine withdrawals. I’ve had a rough week and it’s...

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Wellp – this is it!

My very first blog post. What is there to say – hello Internet! I’m sure if the internet had sound there would most definitely be echoes in response to the previous sentence. I suppose I could go on to talking about this site in general. Well, this will be...

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