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UX Designer

Patience Kanda

On a personal mission to sprinkle a bit of magic into features and interactions that define today’s technology.

Skills + Certs

UX Design

Graphic Design





Video Editing

General Assembly

Interaction Design Found.

  • Graphic Design 90% 90%
  • Research / Analytics 75% 75%
  • UX/UI Design 65% 65%
  • video editing 50% 50%
  • Marketing 90% 90%
  • html/css 25% 25%

UX Bootcamp

Enrolling in General Assembly’s UX Design Course in December 2019, I was determined to embark on a new challenge in my career. My very first prototype was designed in Adobe XD. It’s a tea timer mobile app that helps users to brew the perfect cup of tea with a dash of mindfulness.

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